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District Announcements
The Northfield Community School is sponsoring the “Northfield Invitational Basketball Tournament”, on February 9, 10, 14, 15, and 16, 2017. Please see the flyer for information on how to place ​an ad in the official NIT Program Book.
10th Annual Northfield Mothers' League Skate Party
The Northfield Mothers' League is holding their 10th annual Skate Party on Sunday, February 12th from 4PM-6PM at Young's Skating Center in Mays Landing. This fundraiser is one of the many that enable Northfield Mothers' League to help families in need right here in our community. Please join us for this great time! For more information please view the flyer.
NCS Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights
Please view the link for the New Jersey Department of Education School Self-Assessment for Elementary School and Middle School.
PTO Message of the Week, January 10th
It's that time again! Fresh Fruit Friday is back and live with a new monthly system, the Winter Carnival is coming up fast, the Sweetheart Dance is less than a month away, and there's so much more! Be sure to check out today's PTO Message of the Week so that you are up to date on all of the latest information!
Please click here to view this week's news.
Fine Arts Blog
Mrs. Sundra’s Fine Arts Blog is available for viewing at
Examples of this year’s Kindergarten through 3 rd Grade Art projects have been uploaded. The
artwork from previous years is also accessible. The website is a great way for out of town family
members to view artwork our students have produced. Please visit often and leave a comment.
The students love to hear what people think about their creations.
PTO Order Forms
The Sweetheart Dance is less than a month away! Be sure to order your tickets.
NCS Tuition Program
Good news! Northfield Community School is offering a tuition  program for children to attend  our school district! Click here for application.
Sweetheart Dance, Save the Date!
Attention all parents/guardians of Kindergarten through 4th grade girls! It's finally here! Be sure to save the date for the upcoming Sweetheart Dance! 

Please click here to view the flyer
Spring Fling
Dear Northfield Community School Supporter,

Northfield Community School PTO is currently planning for our Annual Spring Fling. This year marks the 9th event of its kind for our school and is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Please view the flyer below as well as the donor form for more information.
Please view the link for the Northfield Community School 2017 Assessment Guide.
Safe Routes to School and Tips on Pedestrian Safety
Attached you will find safe routes to school, and tips on pedestrian and bicycle safety from the Northfield Police Department.
Advertised School Budget 2016-17
Our district's 2016-2017 Advertised Budget is available for download here. In addition, our 2016-2017 User Friendly School Budget is available for download here.
Drop Off Procedures
Middle School - From 8:00-8:10 Middle School students can enter at three locations; Middle School Entrance, Elementary School Entrance and Door #6. Staff will be assigned to let the students in the building and direct them to their location. Middle School students that enter through the Elementary doors will be directed to go through the Library and up the stairs to their classroom. 

From 8:11-8:15 Middle School students can still enter through Elementary Entrance but will be marked late. Any Middle School student after 8:15 must enter either Door #6 or Middle School entrance and sign in.

If there are younger siblings, they will come in the building with their older sibling and go the Library until it is time to line up.

Grades 3-4 - from 8:10-8:20 can enter either through grades 3-4 doors, Door #6 or Middle School doors. They will go directly to their respective classrooms for line-up.

Grades K-1-2 will follow their normal procedures for drop-off time, but will be lining up inside upon drop-off.

Also, if you are in line for drop-off or pick-up at the Middle School entrance, please pull all the way up and proceed to the signage before dropping off and picking up. That will create more space for drop-off and pick-up, hopefully helping with the traffic flow.
School Hours
Grades K to 2
Student arrival time for lining up: 8:20 am  (No Supervision Prior).
*Students enter school at 8:30 am and Class starts promptly at 8:30 am.
After 8:30 am, all students must be accompanied by an adult, must enter through either Door #6 or Door #21, and be signed in by an adult.
Students are marked late at 8:30 am.       
Dismissal at 3:10 pm (1:10 pm on one-session days​)
Kindergarten is dismissed along the cul-de-sac.
Grade 1 is dismissed along the CedarBridge Road drop-off pick-up lane.
Grade 2 is dismissed along the Route 9 New Road Grades 3/4 new drop-off pick-up lane.

Grades 3 to 4
Student arrival time for lining up: 8:10 am  (No Supervision Prior).              
*Students enter school and Class starts promptly at 8:20 am.
After 8:20 am, all students must be accompanied by an adult, must enter through either Door #6 or Door #21, and be signed in by an adult.
Students are marked late at 8:20 am.
Dismissal at 3:00 pm (1:00 pm on one-session days​)
Grades 3 and 4 are dismissed along the Route 9 New Road Grades 3/4 new drop-off pick-up lane.

Grades 5 to 8
Student arrival time: 8:00 am  (No Supervision Prior)
*Class starts promptly at 8:10 am
Marked late at 8:10 am
Dismissal at 2:50 pm (12:50 pm on one-session days​)  

* Students may not be on school property prior to the times noted. NO STAFF SUPERVISION IS PROVIDED.

There are before-school and after-school options…one is the SACC Program.   Phone 609.407.0635 for more information.
Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures Review For All
Hello Everyone,
Please take the time to review this video NCS Drop Off - Pick Up Lanes which was produced to make the procedures for drop off and pick up very clear.  It is important that we look at this video from time to time to remind us of the procedure. When individuals do not follow these procedures, it always makes it difficult for others. It also can make it unsafe for our Northfield students.
Remember, Northfield Community School and The Northfield Police Department have established optional lanes to drop off and pick up students at the school. These "Love Them and Leave Them" lanes make it easy and safe to navigate the congested and busy area right before and after school.
You always have the option of parking elsewhere and walking your student or students to the school line up area. In addition, it is always a good option to park further from the school entrance doors and have your student or students walk from your car or to your car.
If you choose to use the “Love Them and Leave Them” lanes, then you must follow the procedures found on the video.  There is nothing unusual on the video, it is just good common sense. 
Drop Off
You never pull in front of the line and drop off your student.  Instead, you would join the line and wait until you arrive at the drop off point before letting your child or children out of the car.  Also, never begin to move your car forward until you are certain your child is safely on the sidewalk, as little toes are near the tires before they step up onto the curb.
Pick Up
In addition, you would never sit and wait for your child in the "Love Them and Leave Them" Lane if your child is not right there, as this would hold up the line.  We very simply ask you to continue around and get back in to line giving your child or children an opportunity to arrive at the pick up spot.
Important to Note
Again, none of these procedures are created to make life difficult for anyone.  Instead, they are created to keep our students safe.  It is also important to remember that this is a ten minute issue both in the morning and again in the afternoon.  If we plan ahead and are patient with each other the drop off and pick up process can be a pleasant one.

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